Assisting at-risk LGBTQ+ youths


The Pride Shelter Trust is Africa’s first formal haven that provides short-term accommodation to the LGBTQI+ minority groups during crisis periods. The objectives of The Pride Shelter are to promote dignity, respect and a sense of personal empowerment among members of the LGBTQI+ community.



Pride Shelter Trust WHAT WE DO

Throughout the years, staff, counsellors and volunteers have aided South African citizens, as well as legally documented refugees and/or asylum seekers in our short-term residential facility. Programmes and projects at our shelter include the provision and facilitation of relevant self- and psychosocial support programmes, and programmes to eradicate gender-based violence and homelessness on the African continent.

As of 2021, the Pride Shelter Trust remains an active anchor for the LGBTQI+ community across the Western Cape and is a dependable source of support to facilitate the recovery and integration of LGBTQI+ individuals across South Africa.

The Pride Shelter Trust has celebrated many successes over the years and has supported hundreds of individuals in crisis.

Be part of something bigger!

There are numerous ways to assist the Pride Shelter Trust in our pursuit for gender equality. What’s more, you don’t need to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to understand that a society which is tolerant, empathetic and empowering towards all groups is a healthy society.

South Africa’s past has seen many wrongs. We won’t fixate on these past atrocities, but want to encourage one and all to become flagbearers for a society where love and understanding reign supreme.



We are a registered NPO, and many of our services rely entirely on the generosity of the public.

You can make a once-off donation, or monthly contribution. This will assist us in expanding our reach and support to individuals facing discrimination, violence and homelessness.


Our volunteers play a wide range of vital roles in victim support, providing emotional and practical support, assisting our office teams with project work or administration, and assist in raising much needed funds.

Whether you’re a university student, graphic designer, project manager or an HR professional, we have a project that needs your skills. If you’re interested in giving some of your time to support our work, please send us an abbreviated CV with key skills.


We are always looking for people to raise our profile in their local community and help bring in vital donations to allow us to continue our work. 

Give your time to take part in events and raise money for the shelter. Whether you know what you want to do or are looking for some fundraising inspiration, we’d love to hear from you.


With your support, we can help victims of multiple discrimination feel safer and find the strength to

move forward. Find out more about becoming one of our corporate partners.

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What we offer...

The Pride Shelter Trust offers accommodation, counseling, wellness and skills development programmes for our residents on an ongoing basis. These programmes focus primarily on self-leadership and how inner conflicts, conversations and values can lead to action in the humanistic paradigm. Regular monthly check-ins with residents are compulsory.

Once an application or referral is received, a psychosocial assessment is conducted to determine suitability for the applicant to be accommodated at the shelter. 

Where advanced health, financial, social, mobility or psychiatric services are required, applicants are referred to suitable institutions which can offer more specific services suited to their needs. 

Residents who are accepted at the Pride Shelter follow a rigorous 3-month programme which includes mental health, physical health, spiritual, skills acquisition and other courses and training to prepare them for reintegration into society. 

Creating a safe space for others to heal and grow

Our Vision

The vision of the Pride Shelter Trust to support the LGBTQI+ community focuses on protecting the human rights, dignity and psychosocial well-being of the LGBTQI+ community through their connected social networks.

As part of our ethos on participative community involvement, the Pride Shelter Trust has created and erected various support structures, especially focusing on homelessness, multiple discrimination, crises and trauma. This way all LGBTQI+ individuals and their significant others can feel validated, supported and connected in their journey through life.

Pride Shelter Trust programmes

The following programmes are offered to residents at The Pride Shelter Trust on an ongoing basis. These programmes focus primarily on self-leadership and how inner conflicts, conversations and values can lead to action in the humanistic paradigm. Regular monthly check-ins with residents are compulsory.

My Structured Journey
Self-development programme

The My Structured Journey sessions provide residents and external participants with a space to engage with humanistic theories in both psychology and sociology. This follows a step-by-step approach to understanding realistic goal setting, self-confidence and self-worth. Residents interrogate the SMART modality framework, time management principles, emotional intelligence and communication. Importantly, participants learn how self-leadership and emotional intelligence find their space in action and impact.

life-skills training
Skills development programme

The life skills training development programme is a highly interactive skills-based programme that supports human identity, agency and psychosocial wellness. Part of the outcomes in this programme include identifying concerns, human expectations and goals. Participants unpack what is meant by crisis and trauma, stigma and discrimination, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, upliftment and change. The seminal works of Erikson stages of psychosocial development and Dabrowski’s narratives and autopsychotherapy are integrated as theoretical frameworks during this programme.

beyond my physical journey
Health & wellness programme

The Physical Health and Wellness programme encapsulates the state of health and wellbeing during the residents’ stay.  The focus is placed on basic nutrition, physical activities, mindfulness and sexual health discussions. Diet, regular exercise and adequate rest (relaxation) after trauma are also emphasised during this programme. In 2021, Yoga was integrated with the shelter’s physical health and wellness offerings.

Career development programme

The employment readiness skills programme focuses on technological advancements, economic shifts and changing social norms in searching, finding and securing employment. Key areas dealt with are curriculum development, knowledge and skills as employability requirements, professional network development, social conduct, interview readiness, entrepreneurship and understanding job market criteria.

spiritual identity 
Mind-soul programme

The spiritual programme aligns sexual identity with faith, through an all-inclusive lens of beliefs and practices. The focus is on deepening spiritual awareness with the self and renew human strength as a result of trauma. The spiritual programme includes counselling services at the Pride Shelter Trust. Additional outcomes also include reconciliation with the family, and focus group discussions.

Wholesome nutrition
Feeding programme

Breakfast, Lunch and Supper are offered to residents. Food security parcels are also distributed to displaced and surrounding homeless individuals.

GBV support
Gender-based violence shelter support

The eradication of gender-based support programmes are offered to assist local communities on the Cape Flats area of the Western Cape. This programme is steered by Pride Shelter staff, in collaboration with social media influencers across South Africa.

In 2022, programmes will be expanded to peri-urban and marginalised areas of the Western Cape. The purpose of this initiative aims to address physical violence, psychological violence, sexual violence, economic violence, violence against the LGBTQI and systemic violence. This address will look at new and innovative ways to eradicate and address GBV as an evasive issue in local communities.

Community outreach
Broader community engagement programme

During 2021, a group of social media influencers were tasked to conceptualise and drive social awareness campaigns and community-based programmes. These programmes will be shared with followers and subscribers on our interactive platforms and via our newsletters during 2021 and 2022.

Providing a safe space...

Protecting and safeguarding the LGBTQ+ community from harm and ensuring their mental and physical health is not compromised.

Healing trauma and mental wounds...

Offering mental health support, counselling and individual treatment to address trauma and familial wounds.

Fortifying body and soul...

Providing supplementary health, wellness and spiritual resources and counseling to build up that which was broken down.

Preparing and empowering...

Offering the necessary resources which allow our residents to upskill, grow confident in their bodies and beings and take on whatever the future may hold.

Championing human rights and dignity...

Fighting for legal, social and cultural rights, integration and acceptance for people of all orientations.

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